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    Keep up the good work, @robbjosf. Always good to start with the basics. Try and create a  blogspot/tumblr account to archive your art so that you always have a reference point of your progress.

    @Vyse - always good to see your art from imagination. Man, I'm still fudging figures from photo references. I'll get there one day.

    @sylvester_hansen - dude, love the quality of work you are churning out

    @Key Master Kim G - I do understand you are held up with work. Hope you get some free time around thanksgiving, kickback and draw some expressive faces

    I've been making smalls steps and archiving my progress. I have covered most of what I was learned from Michael Hampton's book to finish them goals. Thus I have moved on to  poses with more details (like hands, feet and simplified faces) and shall stick to this theme till I hit #75

    Here are my most recent works


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    Thanks for the suggestion ElBow. I have my stuff in a Dropbox account but I like the idea of being able to scroll through my work. I like your figures BTW. I've been bouncing back and forth between figures and objects, usually because figures are hard and objects are easier for me.


    I decided to start over on my 100 project since  I really want to concentrate on figure drawing. I started a tumblr blog (thanks El Bow) to keep all my sketches in.  It will be easier to scroll through to see my progress and it should make sharing images easier too.

    So as of today I'm on 2/100


    Hi again

    I would not call this my best work, as a matter of fact I'm a little bit ashamed of this one. But I figured any kind of work is better than no work at all, so that is why I'm sharing this.


    Why ashamed of this one? It seems quite atmospheric to me.

    And I like the tumblr idea, guys. Maybe I'll get in on that action too.


    That's cool, Sylvester. I wouldn't be ashamed of that one at all. =)

    I have #3 and #4 of 100 up on my tumblr now. I'm not digging on Sketchbook Express as much as I was. Feeling like the traditional way is the way for me to go.


    Wow, everyone's drawing away, it's really great to see people here share in their love for art!  :)  Nice work Robbjosf!  Good luck with the 100 project!  :D


    Hello everyone!

    I've been practicing now for a couple of years, and I'm now getting to the point where I want to start getting serious with my drawing.

    I'm currently quite self conscious about my art as I don't feel that it is good enough to show people yet, so I think that the 100 project  is a great way for me to develop my skills in different areas.

    I'm going to start with dynamic poses and anatomy. I want to get to the point where I can draw many different poses from my head, and not have to rely on reference material.

    If any of you out there have any tips for me to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated

    Let the 100 project begin!



    Welcome to the project, Dominique, robbjosf and reverandjames! It's great to see new people joining in with the fun. Can't wait to see any drawings that you guys choose to share with the rest of us :)

    Haven't really had a chance to draw since the last picture I posted a month ago; a family member's been very ill in hospital, so drawing's ended up on the backburner. Stayed up late tonight and scribbled out a few gestures, because I can honestly say I've missed holding a pencil in my hand. I'm pleased with how they came out, since it feels like I might have actually learned something after all...



    Will go through the thread and comment on everybody's latest works, after I get sleep. Looks like there's plenty for me to look at, well done guys!


    Hello Everyone,

    Some weeks ago I found this great website and forum.

    I'm usually more of an observer and really self-conscious (so reverandjames you're not the only one :) ). But you've all really inspired me to start my own 100-project. I would like to get better at drawing people and drawing faces, especially drawing from life, to get my working speed up.

    My goal is to post a drawing everyday, to avoid becoming too self-conscious about my work or spending too much time on it.

    I've started a blog to post my images:

    Come take a look, I would love to hear your comments/suggestions.

    @El Bow: I really liked your hand studies, good idea to use the photographs as a background and study anatomy. And such dedication!

    @robb Nice tumblr page, a good way to see your progress!



    Hi ilographer,

    Thanks. I've kind of went off on a still life kick lately but I'll be back on drawing people soon. I actually have a couple studies to post.


    I like your work, nothing to be self-conscious about but I know the feeling of posting stuff for all to see.


    Hello! I'm going to give this a shot, since I have a hard time motivating myself to work when I don't have a project. Challenges like this are great because the structure reduces the perceived disappointment of "subpar" work by encouraging you to continue and improve.

    I am aspiring to do science fiction concept work and comic-related pages. To this end, I want to work on:

    Weight control in static figures:

    - figure weight control for sitting and standing, figures at rest.

    - differences in weight control between the alert and the tired figure.

    - management of weight and balence for figures interacting with large static objects or other environmental figures

    - proper limb length without using measurement

    - proper foundations and digital artistic process toward the goal of illustration without the use of reference.

    I will commit to at least 5 drawings a session of increasing detail. I will try and post links to them here from Deviantart, if there isn't a forum for this.

    What a great site. I used pixellovely for a while when it was just a simple tool - now it's all big and grown up and amazing. I'm so glad a place for the self-taught artist exists.

    - Lucian




    Welcome to the project, illographer and Lucian!


    Carved out some time for myself and sat down to do some drawing. I tried not to get rust on the paper ;) Someone told me that I usually start the hips too low on my drawings, any thoughts?

    Sketch 21-23   HB pencil on paper, untimed

    Sketch 24-25   HB pencil on paper, untimed again.


    Hi Finn,

    Nice work! I think you should be careful with thinking your hips are always too low, because it has a lot to do with perspective, like in sketch 21 where you look a bit down on the model they are ok I think.

    Maybe it's more that the upperbody is too long sometimes.

    Maybe it will help if you count how many times the head fits into the body? And into the different parts like shoulders to hips, hips to feet, etc. That helps me a lot, but I have the issue of drawing the heads too small most of the time :-)


    And welcome Lucian!

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