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    Hi LyMoraine,

    it's good to know there are more of us wanting to run this marathon. I just finished my 100 drawings (in 136 days) and I am feeling so much more confidant about my skills.

    Keep posting your work here. These very motivated posters (in this forum) are few of the reasons I managed to complete this project.

    Join the club!

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    I started the hundred project and just got tired and overwhelmed but i managed to do a 50 feet 50 hands project recently...but there was also a potential reward for doing it. So maybe that was my motivation. To see the picture click the link in my siginature!


    I am going to try to commit to this. My goal is to  improve my figures. I want to work on the following three things:

    1. Proportion of limbs to body

    2. Proportion of head to body

    3. Proper foreshortening of different areas of the figure (legs, arms, etc.) I will try to post my drawings as I can. Thank you for setting up this forum



    Step 1:  I want to get better drawing quick character poses without having to rely too heavily on references

    Step 2: to do that I will need to improve:

    drawing gestures from references and then from memory.
    making sure the center of balance of my pose is always correct (this can be done alongside the gesture drawings)
    basic anatomy (will probably need to take more time drawing a pose from a reference)

    Step 3 I will commit to an hour of drawing a day with roughly 5 - 10 minutes per picture  (longer for anatomy pics).  I hope to complete my challenge in 16 -30 days

    my first pic plus some doodles to fill up white space XD next up men

    ...not gonna lie this took me longer than an hour. I had a good playlist on and this was fun so time flew by XD also decided to do 100 of each mini topic since erm...kinda done 15 pics already (or 24 if you count the from reference then from memory ones as two)


    hello everyone.
    my name is Eric, my nickname is Scribe. im a student in Mesa Community collegeand i've  been struggling with the block for a while, found this site a few weeks ago and found it really helpful, now tonight, i f finally decided to stop being lazy and attempt the 100 challenge.
    Step 1: Identify what you’d like to be better at, and be specific.
    i want to draw dynamic poses of the human body.
    Step 2: Try to break this goal down into smaller goals. 
    develop my observational skills further
    understand human anatomy better
    Step 3: Commit to practicing that aspect of drawing 100 times. Each practice should take a minimum of 5 minutes.
    acutally i wanna add a few more goals
    100 5 minute poses
    1,000 30 second gestures within 30 days
    i hope i can reach this goal,  and if not? well one way to find out :]
    Day 1: 4 drawings



    I have known this site only about 3 weeks but it has helped me a lot already. :) Thank you for making it!
    I'm going to try this challenge too. My goal is to get better at constructing human heads at different angles, after that comes expressions.

    I will draw at least 15 minutes every day for 40 days. Starting today :)


    Hello Everyone!

    My name's Alex i just found this forum a few days ago and this post in particular inspired me.
    So i've decided to take part in this challenge!


    Step 1: Identify what you’d like to be better at, and be specific.
    - i want to add gesture in my figures
    - Work on my proportions of the human body and the differences between male and female figure.
    Step 2: Try to break this goal down into smaller goals.
    - Work on silhouette and outline of the human body
    - Understand better the shapes of the figure by studing shadows
    Step 3: Commit to practicing that aspect of drawing 100 times. Each practice should take a minimum of 5 minutes.

    I commit to practice everyday at least 25 minutes for the next 30 days.

    You can follow today's progress on my new tumblr ->


    Hello : )

    I know it is a little late, but I really want to participate in this! My subject is going to be drawing males, cause that has always been something I have put off. I know it is a little broad, but my main goal will be to make something read as masculine.

    here are my goals:

    1) male stick figures (and how they differ from female stick figures)
    2) low vs. high muscle mass - not just slapping on a beard and pecks to make something/ one look masculine.
    3) male facial features.

    next project, if I succeed in this one: male poses/ gesture drawing.

    as I draw every day anyways I wont set a time limit for myself, but try to at least draw one thing everyday that I find hard, starting with goal no. 1 : )

    have a great day!


    Those sound like wonderful goals, Lokken! :)


    Hi there again!

    I hope your 100 drawings are coming along : )

    I will post mine here:

    the first two days are here:

    oh and its iokken... with an i... I really should get a new screen name xD


    Hello : )

    I finished my first 100 project in 8 days (summer vacation ;) and I (obviously) loved it! so much that I am now thinking of what the next is going to be. I initially wanted to do male poses, but I pretty much covered that in the first 100, and when I do draw those things now, it is more along the lines of people interacting with stuff, so I think I am just going to continue with that.

    What I really want, is to get better at photoshop, but I don't know what to do first - maybe 100 landscapes? characters? buildings? square boxes in different perspectives? no matter what, I need to start with:

    1) compositions
    2) Light and materials
    3) general rendering (painting techniques)

    is it too broad? it feels way too broad... I would love to hear your thoughts, good and bad :) ! (also on my 100 male figures, the link to my blog is above this post, in my previous post)

    Have a good day!


    Good GRACIOUS! Eight days? I am certain we are all very impressed! I know I am.

    I think those topics are indeed a bit broad. I would pick just one for your next 100, and possible even drill down further -- "Light And Materials" could turn into "Shadows on fabric" or "highlights on glass" as a focus for 100, for example.


    hihi thanks : D I get caught up when I am doing stuff I really enjoy : )

    You are absolutely right! To start off, I looked at what I thought was the easiest for me, because I really want to focus on getting something right and not just do 101 struggling paintings (if I choose light on glass for example, I would have to start by learning how to paint glass, and it would take the same amount of time/paintings) so I want to start with 100 compositions of landscapes, as I find this somewhat easier to handle at my skill level.


    1) overall goal
    learn how to paint simple landscapes/backgrounds in Photoshop

    2) milestones

    - master painting small compositions in Photoshop - just making the setup look something from a far. focus on the read.
    - fix perspective etc. in earlier paintings
    - Bring some pieces to a higher level of completion, but without getting weight down by the fact that they are not going to be any where near perfect.

    3) time
    I can't wait to get started, so it won't be necessary with a time goal : )

    whew... but it does sound like a lot of work!

    if anyone have something to add (or something they would like to take away from the list) you are very welcome to comment : )

    Have a great day!


    Go go go! :D Please do share some of your results?


    I would love to! its all on my blog: which I update almost every day, but I don't know how to upload to this forum - is it just using html?

    : D

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