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News & announcements: Expanding on Singular Basic Shapes

In my last update to the Basic Shapes & Objects tool, I had added a filter for single objects, but there were only 13 photos in that category. Today, we're bringing that category closer to respectability, with 114 individual basic shapes photos with a variety of light intensities. Continue reading

News & announcements: Alex 360 poses

What an oversight! I recently realized that I forgot to release the 360 photos of Alex that we took months back. Today, we rectify that -- there are now 45 Alex poses available to look at in 360 degrees. Continue reading

News & announcements: New Feature: Review images at the end of a session

This past week, I took a slight diversion from working on the objects & still life tool to do some general fixes and upgrades to the study tools in general. The main change is that Doodlers and up will now have an opportunity to review the images that they studied at the end of a practice session. It's so nice to make this much-requested feature happen! Continue reading