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News & announcements: More Anastasia expressions

I know that Anastasia's last batch of expression photos were very popular, so I'm pleased to be able to bring you another set of faces & expressions from her. This batch contains more "negative" emotions than the first, such as fear, disgust and anger. Continue reading

News & announcements: Clothed Anastasia poses

Today I'm pleased to launch a new series of Anastasia photos that feature clothed poses, suitable for practicing with in schools. This first batch is mostly floor poses, with strong single point lighting to try and emphasize the three dimensions of the figure. Continue reading

News & announcements: Anastasia hand references

Today's release is for the hands and feet tool. Anastasia gave us a variety of poses, many with props, encompassing both every day situations, a few combat situations, and even some that might be useful for drawing magicians casting spells. Continue reading

News & announcements: Anastasia floor poses

Thus far, our Anastasia photos have been heavy on props. But today I get to bring you a wonderful set of floor poses - sitting, laying, twisting and rolling. Anastasia creates some gorgeous shapes and becomes a canvas for shadow and light. Continue reading