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News & announcements: Bill's dressing photos

Ready for a clothing/fabric challenge? Photographer Bill has a collection of 22 photos that capture the process of getting into jeans and t-shirt. You'll see some of these starting to appear in your figure study rotation right away. Continue reading

News & announcements: More Theo beach poses!

If you thought Theo's last set of oiled-skin beach photos was exciting, he's back this week with more! This set are taken under similar circumstances, but this set of 30 photos has been released free, for everyone, and in them he is either draped in a towel or wearing underwear. Continue reading

News & announcements: Another giant study photo drop is on the way

Rosali trained in classical ballet, and later moved on to contemporary dance, and enjoys blending the two for her personal choreography. She was captured for us by Ivan, the photographer who brought us our photoseries of Javani and Olga. Together, they created another large set of photos, including hands and faces & expressions, so so all 3 of our human-study tools will once again benefit from these shoots! Continue reading

News & announcements: Theo's evening light photos

Theo can't stop won't stop! Today, he brings us a bundle of 54 photos taken over the course of an evening. You can see the light transition from late afternoon to golden sunset to the first winks of stars in twilight. Study the varying ways that these lights play over the human form, with Theo's signature gymnatic posts. Continue reading

News & announcements: Staving off a bot swarm

Many apologies for the lag and downtime this morning and afternoon! Around 10am PST, the site was swarmed by a shocking number of spam bots all trying to post garbage at once. There's always a few dozen spam bots we fend off every hour, but this was a spike almost verging on a denial of service attack. Continue reading