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Improving technique: Focused practice: an exercise for real improvement in 33 days

Simply sitting down and banging out a few gesture drawings every day is a great way to stay in drawing shape, but it will rarely propel you to a new level of artistic achievement. If your goal is to simply "get better," your progress is likely to be slow and demoralizing. Studies show that people who get to be top in their field, from artists to computer programmers to Olympians, nearly all... Continue reading

News & announcements: Downtime

Thanks to all of you who sent concerned messages during the downtime of the last few days. I didn't take the gesture drawing tool down willingly. My host had some kind of server melt down and absolutely everything was lost. While this was annoying for the gesture drawing tool, it was a disaster for my business. I've spent the last several days moving to a new host, recovering what I can from backup,... Continue reading

News & announcements: New photos

7 new animal photos from Vladimir, including some very challenging and adorable groups of kittens. If there's too many, just pick one to focus on for the gesture. And 22 new animal photos of all varieties from Amanda, who had quite the eventful trip to the zoo this summer. Thank you both for your generosity in sharing your animal pictures!... Continue reading

News & announcements: Completely revamped! New features

The gesture tools have been completely revamped!! Check out these new features: CLASS MODE: A "class" will warm you up with quick gesture drawings, gradually ease you into longer poses, and even have built in break times during long classes. Skip past images you don't like Pause Background now goes completely black to reduce distractions And new images: 51 new images from Marcus J... Continue reading