gesture drawing - 2 and 5 min

by LoveTheBic, September 15th 2018 © 2018 LoveTheBic

2min and 5min drawings.

Still on the general shapes of the characters. I saw on the forum people able to draw faces or shadow in the same amount of time. Quite challenging!


Hey Lovethebic, first of all I love the upper right one. It's got volume and direction - except for the face, although I'm almost certain you didn't spend much time on it, it's better to make a cylinder or box because the flat face really takes away from the pose. I also think you have to work on your line precision, is this something you've been practicing? e.g Drawing two dots on a paper and then connecting them freehand in one stroke, drawing elipses and so forth.

I know it's tempting to compare yourself to what others complete during these timed poses - your journey is your own, I think I mentioned this earlier but speed comes with a better understanding of both the subject and the process so you can convey more information with less strokes - you do not draw faster by trying to draw faster if that makes any sense =) Cheers!


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