inktober page 2

by LoveTheBic, October 14th 2018 © 2018 LoveTheBic

2nd page of inktober.

I'd like to take this opportunity to try new inking techniques.

Howver with only half an hour to spare each day, this proves to be difficult.

Any suggestion on what I could improve on these drawings?

Kim - Site admin

It's hard to give you critique here, because your goal seems to be to try new things. It does look like you are achieving that goal! :)

Can I turn it around and ask you -- what are you dissatisfied about in these drawings, if anything?

My advice would be to plan to do a deep dive into one or two of the techniques you've tried this month when inktober ends, so your trying of new things blossoms from "just" new experiences into deeper understanding and mastery of one of the new things you tried and enjoyed.


Thank you your comment is quite helpfull.

I think I'll try to learn more in depth subtle tonal shapes or how to render gazeous or watery things. They give me a hard time for now.

The drawings I'm dissatified with here are n°9 and 11. Not sure the tonal shapes are correct for the faces. I guess it's part of the learning process.

Kim - Site admin

I'm so glad to hear that! And yes, it is definitely part of the learning process. :)


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