inktober2018 week 1

by LoveTheBic, October 7th 2018 © 2018 LoveTheBic

First attempt at inktober.

So far so good with the rhythm.

For dark shadows I'm happy with what I get.

For tonal shapes, not really satisfied with how it went, especially for number 5 and 6.

Anyone got ressources on inking techniques? I need to practice!

Ingenious Lad

The drool on the 6th drawing doesn't look much like drool; and i don't think there should be shadow behind the sphere-like object (which is getting roasted).

Anyways, love the first 2 drawings!

1 1

I agree.

The drooling one I wasn't very satisfied with how it got.

For the "roasted" one, I wasn't planning on drawing the hard shadows, then it seemed to be a good addition to put the emphasis on the character.

Well I should have drawn at least the perspective for the wall so as to project correctly the shadows on it.

By the way, do you know if there is any ressource to draw fire shadows? I wanted to give the shadows the waving aspect they get when close to a fire, but that too I'm not really satisfied with what I got.

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