by velloria, September 17th 2018 © 2018 velloria

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

for this session i tried to "build" the figures in my mind rather than copy the contors and angles i could see (my usual method). Difficult at first but once I tried to think of them as ball-joint dolls it was a lot easier! poses increase in time as you go down the page- drawn digitally with a tablet.

Kim - Site admin

This looks like a highly successful exercise! I see a dramatic difference between these and the other page of exercises currently uploaded to your sketchbook -- this batch might look less "finished," but to me it also looks like you're probably learning more in this batch, and that's the important part for this site!

I can see clearly how you were imagining them as ball-joint dolls, especially in that very last pose. There are some minor proportional oddities (head too small in the bottom 5 min pose, for example) but I would say just keep on doing exercises like these for another week or two - you're definitely making progress!


Thanks! You're absoutely right - I could feel myself learning a lot more as I took my time with the poses, I'm definetely going to try to keep this up and try to merge it with my usual contor method :)

Sanne - Site moderator

Hi velloria!

This looks like it was an excellent class for you. :) I can tell you loosened up a bit along the way after the initial warmup poses, and most of them look pretty good! I concur that keeping up practice is a good way to move forward, you might need a couple more sessions to see any dramatic differences yourself.

A small tip, try to keep an eye out for the head to body proportions. In the longer poses they can feel 'pasted on as an afterthought' and the necks don't always seem to connect right. I'm not sure super focusing on this right now is the best time, but it's definitely something that will need your attention in the future.

Good luck!

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Thank you! That's something I definitely struggle with, so i'll be sure to keep it in mind and try to improve on it (without focusing too hard just yet hopefully!) The neck is one of my most admired parts of the human body so I want to do it justice! Thanks again for your insight !


Like Sanne and Kim already pointed out the head and proportions can be improved on, but this looks really good! One thing I can point out even though I feel you understand this already is the overlaps of muscle and skin, they are really important to make your drawing read clearly to get a sense of space and direction in your drawings. anyways, good job! :)


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to do a session focusing on proportions and some longer studies, hopefully that’ll help!

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