by velloria, September 14th 2018 © 2018 velloria

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

i think i can do better but this session wasn't too bad...! i use a really light marker tool to sketch, so i bumped up the contrast to make it easier to see.


hey your works look rly nice, delicate and mostly precise.
That being said they seam to be mosly linear with the emphasis on the outline (this will not help you so much with drawing from the imagination since outlines chandge so drasticly from pose to pose, it would be much better for you to learn genaraly how to build a body from the inside out), i know those were shor sketches but even then if your goal is better understanding of human anatomy and not just the guesture of the figure try and build the figure from inside, meaning you should simplify the human figure in to cilindars and boxes (and other simple 3d forms) atleast, and try to bouild from there.
projecting the skeleton first and building the muscles that you see on that and finaly finish up would be perfekt, even if done with realy simple forms and not done in the whole complexaty of the forms that the body is naturaly bouilt of human (human skeleton could be indicated at even wit only several lines).Also some longer drawings would be great for analyzing more in depth all the complexity of the humasn body.

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You’re completely right, I think I should definitely try to build things more, it’ll be a hard habit to break but I’ll do my best! Thank you for analyzing my work and breaking it down, your advice is really appreciated ! Next session I’ll try building instead of outlining for sure.


Another way to build form is using sloth of scribbley loose lines. Either draw them lightly or make a new layer and then continue to build after your scribbles... if that makes sense. Loose lines will also help you exaggerate the parts you want to.

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