Schedule I - A3 / Ex1: Contour

by Carpanzano, February 18th 2020 © 2020 Carpanzano

The Natural Way to Draw - by Kimon Nicolaides

Schedule I - A3
Exercise 1: Contour (one drawing) - (1/1)
Quarter Hour

Date: 13/02/2020

5/10: This one was half decent. I started to get into the exercise's mentality. I could feel the edge of the form in a few points even. Yet I was still too preocupied with the result. With the image on the paper. I didn't look many times, only when initiating a new line, but I did use the eraser to redo the hip once. And to make the two hands meet. I must get rid of the ego, of my pride and my shame, or I will never get better than I am now. And isn't that the objective of these studies?

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