Schedule I - A4 / Ex1: Contour

by Carpanzano, February 19th 2020 © 2020 Carpanzano

The Natural Way to Draw - by Kimon Nicolaides

Schedule I - A4
Exercise 1: Contour (one drawing) - (1/1)
Half Hour

Date: 17/02/2020

6/10: Unfortunetly I was unable to continue the exercise on the same day, and my dumb, lazy, idioticly flawed self only went back to it 3 days later, on the 17th. I was going to restart it, throw those three away and do the whole thing than, but, alas, it took me too long to start (cuz I'm lazy and kept procrastinating) and ended up only having enough time for one drawing. This one...

Even through all that, this ended up being the best one of them. I almost didn't look at the paper and really followed the exercise. You can see that in how some of the lines don't properly touch, and how some of the proportions are kinda wonky. Mainly on the legs and on the diaper. Had to redo that one, even. And the face also looks pretty awful. But I didn't use the eraser!! So there is that... And, in spite of that, I could really feel the edges of the figure in a few points. Still I was a bit too preocupied with the resulting image. I guess it's something I have to work on, not only in my drawings, but also in my life.

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