requesting critique on my 30 min class

by im_poster, March 27th 2020 © 2020 im_poster

Hello there,

ive been doing figure drawing for a for a while now and it always felt like i was progressing a little, but now i feel stuck and unsure what i should focus on. Thats why i uploaded some of my last 30 minutes class in hope that you could give me some pointers.

best regards!


Hi there friend,

I hope my words are helpful not hurtful. I am no expert but it seems like they are a bit stiff in their form,( I have a problem with that too :)

And it seems as tho the preportions might be off just a little. not sure. I hope that helps, thank you for posting! :)

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your last 30 min class, im_poster. If I was to give you a pointer, or two, it would be this: Why don't you do the swing and balance lines, 29 seconds, please? Because if you can draw those lines, you wouldn't get to bogged down on the details and automatonic forms, in order to better focus on the natural guts of them. Swing Line=Line of Action; Balance Line= Lin's of Balance; OK? Will you focus on them in your next goal, please? Because your figure studies will have more stronger and subtler poses.

Hope you'll find it totally an asset to you.

Polyvios Animations.


Hey Polyvios,

thank you so much for taking the time to write me so much and so often!

I will do my best to adhere to your advice!

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