requesting critique on my 30 min class

by im_poster, March 27th 2020 © 2020 im_poster

Hello there,

ive been doing figure drawing for a for a while now and it always felt like i was progressing a little, but now i feel stuck and unsure what i should focus on. Thats why i uploaded some of my last 30 minutes class in hope that you could give me some pointers.

best regards!


This man has no a$$! I would work on figuring out how to connect the legs to the body, and keeping focused on proportions.

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Nice job, im, but I've got one too small suggestion: why don't you do another figure pose in 29 min, 50 secs, please? Cause you can even do it, flipped vertically??

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I´ve done that exercise once before, but had forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder!

I will definetly do that, but whats up with the weird time?

Thank you for the advice!

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29 mins + 50 secs.

Polyvios Animations

Thanks for the reply, but, why don't you do a figure drawing in 29 mins and 49 secs, pretty please??

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