requesting critique on my 30 min class

by im_poster, March 27th 2020 © 2020 im_poster

Hello there,

ive been doing figure drawing for a for a while now and it always felt like i was progressing a little, but now i feel stuck and unsure what i should focus on. Thats why i uploaded some of my last 30 minutes class in hope that you could give me some pointers.

best regards!


Exagerate a lot the figure, so it can look more dynamic and more a live.


I can really relate to not knowing where to go next with art. I'm kind of in the same boat, so I'll tell you what I've been trying (aside from what Nyanko suggested):

1) Do longer drawings: this can show us what skills we're still lacking and can work on.

2) Draw something different: drawing animals and objects can give a different way of looking at things.

3) Zero in on one part of the body: learning how to draw hands, feet, and faces is something we can bring back to figure drawing and use to make our sketches look more complete.

4) Draw from imagination: This is a great way to figure out what kinds of poses and bodies you're most familiar with drawing, and what you wish you could draw better.

I hope at least one of these works for you!


Hey Retrodictionary,

thanks for your reply, that makes a lot of sense to me, i will try those! :)

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