August 3

by Shoeknight, August 3rd 2020 © 2020 Shoeknight

30 minutes
Cartoon for scale

Tx Williep

The drawings are good, although the purple on black is a little hard to see. Practice the figures provided by this site (Line-of-Action) plus On Air Video. Do longer sessions. Study muscle & bone structure so that you know what's where in relation to the body(make drawings for practice). There is much information on this subject on the web.

Rember: Practice makes better! So practice, practice, practice, etc.


I haven't had the time this week because I work long hours, and haven't been able to get in more than a few practice sessions.
I'll have to play with the colors a bit, I just kind of pick a random shade of the day, but I agree this one wasn't a great choice. A lot of my friends say I have an issue drawing too lightly, and it's something I am trying to fix.

I appreciate the feedback, and am trying to practice as much as I can every day!

Tx Williep

Do what you can, when you can. If you can get 15 or 30 min, use the time wisely. In the long run, the practice will pay off in the long run. I do not know what kind of work you do, but keep a drawing pad next to you & draw when you are just sitting there. A light drawing to begin with is not bad. You can go back and make the lines darker.

Kim - Site admin

Another beautiful set of practice images. :)

For your shorter poses, I think another exercise you would benefit from is giving yourself a line budget. How clearly can you capture the pose if you only use five lines? Three? I suggest this because I notice a lot of extra lines where it seems that you are uncertain or changing your mind, and I think this exercise would help you to gradually gain confidence and precision.


Thats something I'm really working on fixing. I'm trying the Draw-a-Box Lessons to help work on improving my line quality. Confidence has always been a weak spot, and I've honestly gotten much better, but it's still defintely a struggle.

Thank you!

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