August 7

by Shoeknight, August 6th 2020 © 2020 Shoeknight

Another day, another 30 minutes

i sort of feel like I've forgotten something recently and slipping back into bad habits...


hi. good work.

what i see immediately is that your lines are a bit scratchy, unconfident. this is especially evident on the torso of the bottom suggest you try to get the line in a single shot, long and fluid. feel free to control-z as you like.


That torso specifically I really struggled with, and ended up drawing in after the time expired. I realized late into the sketch that I had the angle of the foreground arm wrong, and it threw off the whole alignment. I needed to readjust everything.


Excelent gesture drawing practice

congrats, good efort

Tx Williep

The bottom figure is very good. What I do is start with a stick figure. The head & shoulders first. Then I go on to put in related items: add guides for the arms, legs, chest. Look for things that line/match up. Doing this you are organizing your figure. When you have all the relations done to your satisfaction, you can start to fill it out. Before you start, make a study of human anatomy - both muscles & bones. Do drawing of these subjects so you will know what is under the skin.

Remember: Practice makes better. Consequently, practice practice and practice more.

After a while, you will be amazed at your progress.

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