August...8th? I don’t remember

by Shoeknight, August 7th 2020 © 2020 Shoeknight

Another 30 minute drill. I can't wait for the weekend when I'll have time to actually get some really focused pieces.
i really am making an effort to reduce sketchty lines..


I think you should put more detail into each gesture so it is easier to see which part of the body is where. It looks kind of messy and confusing. The movement looks good though.


This one in particular was kind of difficult for that because it had some very technical poses. 2 actually had multiple models, so it was tough to get the bare shapes down.

but you're right, I'm trying to work on cleaning that up.


I really like your line of actions in all poses. But some things for you to consider in your next drawings are: 1) construction of body parts and clearer movements. What I mean is that some smaller poses contains zero structural lines which makes that pose lose proportion and purpose. 2) also, consider using a black colour medium on white or beige paper since the contrast and clarity would be better shown. 3) try to keep your poses around the same size and mark the time it takes you to draw for one pose so that you know your limit and can improve through that. Keeping the same size allows you to not lose the concept of proportion and actually make your drawings look better in the sense of human anatomy.

Just some advice for you to think of:)

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