by Puck, August 10th 2020 © 2020 Puck

any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Tx Williep

Nice foot. Keep in mind, almost any view the foot is seen as a triangle. In your drawing, you should see a bit more of that idea. From this picture, I can not tell how you are on the whole figure, but I would guess you figure work is good. I would like to see your work using the figure. In the meantime, work on anatomy - muscle & bone structure. Also, include feet & hands. Do many drawings in these areas.

Practice makes better. You will be surprised by how your work will improve.


I really love the toes. They look realistic and in proportion to each other. Shading is nice too.
I would take a second look at the angle of the the foot where it connects to the leg. It seems to be at a slightly, unnatural angle.

Maybe take a look at how the foot is angled--where would the ankle and shin be connected from that vantage? In what direction would the leg go?

Maybe use a friend's foot for reference or put your phone on the floor and take a picture of your own foot.

nice work!

keep it up!😊


Es un dibujo muy bueno, soy principiante y estoy practicando esto.


it looks good with the shading and the top of the foot! what I would work on is where the bottom of the foot connects to the leg and see if the angle is different or blocking out shapes before doing the line. Keep up the great work!


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