by Puck, January 14th 2021 © 2021 Puck

been woring on proportion. Shading still needs plenty of work of course. any advice is much appreciated.

Polyvios Animations

Hey there, Puck,

I love how the overall proportions. I acutally love how the head and body proportions go, especially the arm relationships. And as for the left arm, the tension looks or seems slightly and unnatural. Why don't and can't you please do 3 minutes of 60 second arm poses??

And do you wanna know the reason???? Because, it'll help you push not just the arm proportions, but the angles, spaces, and edges-in their perceptions, to help make your figures look and feel connected.

You know, if the arms are gonna be to ruff and scribbly, it's OK, cause it's only practice. Because it'll help you out on your current goal, if you ever have one on your next post.

Cheers, and keep up the good work.


thank you, I will absolutely work on some arm poses.

Melon Meon

I think you should't focus on shading now . Try to focus more on structure and line quality.

Maybe you could try doing the parts of the body separately and finding stucture in it .

But overall , you're not doing bad


As you are learning how to get the gesture of a full figure, it helps to draw a quick shape encapsulating the entire form...this way you will not have hands that run off the page! Hands, even simplified ones, are a really important part of a gesture. Also, look to see where the feet are located on the plane, I think if you bring his left foot (the foot on the right in the picture) down a bit more, he'd be more balanced. I can feel the weight pushing on those toes, though, so nicely done on the back foot!


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