Tired Ballerina

by Artistic Nova1357, August 12th 2020 © 2020 Artistic Nova1357

This is overall really solid. I really like the bend in the torso and your simplified wrinkles in the clothes.

The big thing that stands out to me is that the character's face, hands, and left foot are all at almost perfect 90 degree angles, and look very flat. Perfect profiles or portraits are very rare in dynamic poses, and can make things look unnatural. Just adding a little bit of adjustment to the perspective could add a ton of depth.

Marc Xang

buen uso del antropormorfo, una pose estupenda y buena humanización


Overall it's a believable pose, it's not easy creating action poses. I would be careful though in terms of weight. Usually when drawing human figures it matters more how it feels...If it feels figure is about to fall then need to make adjustments there. Good rule I read elsewhere is if the nose is somewhat aligned to the dominant foot then you are in the right direction.

Tx Williep

The drawing is just fine and I can not say or see anything wrong with the work. The eyes look sad. Keep on keeping on in what you are doing. Practice makes better.

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