Free Form

by Artistic Nova1357, September 1st 2020 © 2020 Artistic Nova1357

Other then the torso being weird, I'm pretty happy with. This.

Tx Williep

You should be happy with this work. It is up to the quality of your earlier works. Although I am missing the other ear. You are showing both "arms". Proportions look just fine. It is up to you, the artist, to make things clear for the viewer. Keep on keeping on.


the pose would look more dynamic/interesting if the arms were not parallel, and with this amount of shading your character still looks very flat, i suggest trying to shade everyside an amount of value to give your character more form, and then add highlights.

my first critique, and your art is a bit better than mine but if i was in your position these are things i think id try to take my art to the next level.


I would reccomend looking at some anatomy books. Loomis, Hogarth. The problem with the torso is there isn't a centerline going down it. If you draw a torso centerline verically and then draw the chest line horizontally around the form, you would be more successful in acheiving a the correct position of the breasts.

The right arm is too close and same size as the left arm resulting in a flat look. I would make the right arm smaller and down a little, so there is an illusion of distance. The left leg is going too far past the buttocks which make it look detatched.

One thing I would reccomend is take a photo of yourself , or a friend, in this position and draw from that.

If your serious about improving I would reccomend reading "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

If I could go back and tell my younger self how to get better I couldn't stress this book more. If you read it cover to cover, doing all the excercises as laid out, you come out a more prolific and conifident artist on the other end. It took me a couple months. I swear by this book.

Hope this helps.

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