The Blind Dancer

by Artistic Nova1357, August 12th 2020 © 2020 Artistic Nova1357
Tx Williep

Very nice work. To improve on your work ( I have only this one to go on) study drawing hands, feet, and animals. Take the things you learn and apply them to your work. You are applying human muscle & bone structure to your work. Therefore, throw-in a study of human muscle & bone structure. With study and practice, you will find your work will see improvement. Add other animals to your works to expand your zoo.


Love the distinctive color pallette, and how you're added animal elements. Certain aspects of the pose look a little too strained-- the front knee is so turned out, it looks painful, especially since the hips are squared to the left. Also, since the chest is fully facing the viewer, the arm going across it looks impossible-- I just tried doing that with my arm, and I can't. When exaggerating poses , maybe you could try doing them with your own body, to avoid exaggerating them past believability .

Marcia B

An expressive piece, it's an interesting subject matter.

I appreciate that you took on a challenging pose, there are some areas that don't read well anatomically but I feel like it's a pretty good piece overall.

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