20 min - Sept 25th, 2020 - pen/paper

by Mike Ok, September 25th 2020 © 2020 Mike Ok

Handsy Hands!, Looking from a non-conformist stand point.

Tx Williep

Excellent job. Do more & with the fingers in many positions. For multiple postions of fingers I would suggest starting off with a stick/ wire structure. Remember: each finger has 3 joints (thumb also but its #3 is up in the hand and not visible). You can position the fingers in any arrangement you want. When you have them arranged as you want, you can flesh them out. Practice so you can do it in your sleep almost.


Overall I love the gesture of this piece. Its not an exact replica of the image but you give enough to tell the story of the hands in an effctive manner. Well done :)

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Kylee6598 (unregistered visitor)

I love this. It can be so difficult to draw hands, but you nailed it! Keep drawing youre amazing :)

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