17 hours - Ink and Watercolor- 10/20/20

by Mike Ok, October 23rd 2020 © 2020 Mike Ok

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i love this

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Eli Koi

I like the mood that you set. In general, the drawing is interesting to look at. Though, there're a couple of things that can be improved.

1. Parallel lines will always remain parallel. (Piano)

2. There's always a shaded side and a light side. You show it on the skin, but it's not defined on hair and accessories. For example, both of the bracelets have the same tone, but I see a hard shadow on one of the hands, it means the bracelet should be a couple of tones lower.

For me, it's good to keep in mind a position and a type of lighting.

3. If there is trouble drawing the hand on the piano, try to take a picture of your own hand and use it as a reference.

It helps, but it can be challenging to put the camera in the right place and angle. I use white gesso to cover bad pieces in my sketchbook.

You've already spent a lot of time working on this piece, and it may be scary to ruin what looks good, but just an hour or two of polishing, and it's ready to see to the world! You're doing great!

Tx Williep

Great job. You spent a good deal of time working on this picture. The right hand and the piano keys are a little troubling. The left hand is just fine. I like both ink and watercolor. Keep going.


It really well expresses chill and relax here! But you have to work more on shades, make them more seen. And the smoke seems unnatural, try making it more blended and dont show lines as smoke. I hope it helped!

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your ink and watercolor, mike_ok, keep up the greater work. Take care.


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