sketching movement with angels

by FABREGAS33, November 24th 2020 © 2020 FABREGAS33
Polyvios Animations

Love how looser and natural-er your angels are, FABREGAS, they're very goodest!

If I could request a suggestion, then it would be to do more and more angel sketches, in 30-5 second warm-ups.

Why???? Because, your angel poses and designs will become more gestural and squashy-stretchy in the least amount of lines.

Hope it's been totally and utterly suited.


These are sooo cute


These are beautiful, I would maybe slow down a bit and see if you can achieve the same result in fewer lines. I tend to sketch the same way but Ive been re-evaluating that and trying to be fluid and go slower

its just like learning to play a piece of music, the slower you go the less mistakes you make, and in the end the cleaner your result will be when you decide to go faster.

it also makes you think more about what you are drawing and makes line work more deliberate giving you more control and the ability to be faster and cleaner.

I love the characters though


Thank you, I will try to draw like playing music, I love playing guitare too ;-) I did a finally work just after to do a sketch if you would like take a look. I love drawing characters since I was a child. I hope to see your characters if It is possible.

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