NADAL 2021

by FABREGAS33, December 28th 2021 © 2021 FABREGAS33
Polyvios Animations

Say, FABREGAS33, I do say that is a very gorgeous composition for your hand pose. Just to put in the Holiday/Biblical characters in this section here. Very swell and excellent job on your design and layout. Great job on your colors, too. And more importantly, remarkable composition, indeed.

Yet, for my taste, some of the lines, specifically in the female hand above and below the characters, are a little bit too itchier and scratchier and lumpier for my tastes. Would you like to loosen and lighten up your lines, hands, and feet with 15 minutes of 30 second warm-ups? (900 seconds/30 seconds=30 warm-ups)

So that your lines will become the least itchiest and the most smoothest and quickest, even if you do your warm-up exercises from online and abroad. When it comes to warm-ups, check out this video down here:

Good luck and I hope this helps so much.


Thank you, I will keep precticing more!

Gave a Happy year !


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