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by FABREGAS33, November 24th 2020 © 2020 FABREGAS33

It's very difficul to find the line of action but I'm trying to find. I would like to have a mentor to share opinions, It could be very nice to learn and improving.

Tx Williep

Looks like you did find Line-of-Action (L-o-A) because you are here (good job). Also, you are using a basic structure as a basis of your figures (excellent). L-o-A has sections on feet & hands, faces & expressions which you should check out. You also need to do a good study of human anatomy - both muscles and bone structure. Be sure you make drawings of what you find and keep them handy for reference. The internet has a lot of free information on these items. The L-o-A has a section on figure study which will provide you with models (both clothed & nude) to use for practice. Suggest you use this section. A book you may be interested in is:

"Morpho: Anatomy for Artist" by Michel Lauricella. He had more related books on art subjects.

Remember: Practice makes better. Consequently, get busy practicing.

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I love those simpler stick figures, FABREGAS33, they are not really trying as harder than heck to be like stick figures, which is why I love 'em. What I love those sticks is how they more clearly and directly tell a story, visually.

If I could give you an option, then it would be to please do a interative drawing tutorial that starts off with some quick sketching from 30-5 seconds? Why??? Because, if you could go with that approach to sketching, then your poses will become even most pushed farther and more exaggerated than ever before.

Hope it's been completely and totally of use.


I am curious how long these drawings took?

Anyway, on the more stick-figure looking ones, it looks like you go over each line several times, so the lines are hairy and broad. For sketches like this you will improve more by doing lots of quicker (



I spended few seconds, I draw very fast. I was sketching for the new christmas car idea than then I did another sketch. It's the draw with the three kings ringing bells that I posted too, you can see the piture.

Thanks for your advice and I really agree than practice It's the best way to improve, so let's go ;-)

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