30 seconds to 1 minute poses

by Donewith3adi, December 21st 2020 © 2020 Donewith3adi

Did this today. I'd love some advice on how to get more done in 30 seconds, including how to grasp a pose better and quicker, and have it be somewhat easier to read to a fresh eye (or even mine to be honest) even after such a short pose. Any helpful opinions or pieces of advice welcome :))

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Great job, donewith3adi, very greater job.

However, if I was to suggest you an advancement, it would be to make the figures, feet, hands, and faces more and more and more caricatured with 50 more minutes of 30-second drawings. Would you please do all of those? The reason why is because it can and will become even most expanded in terms of forces, in terms of action, and in terms of movement.

Hope you've found that productive and useful. (and concrete)


I love the way you draw

To get more done in 30 seconds, draw less detail. This page shows what LOA shows as its absolute basics: https://line-of-action.com/learn-to-draw

Instead of focusing on making the shapes look nice, put energy into capturing the entire photo first. Follow the tutorial linked above, it will start with having you draw one single line for a piece, and eventually lead into drawing shapes for parts of the body.

That's not the technique you need to use, it just might help you 'learn' to grasp a pose quicker.

I have my eye constantly on the timer until I adapt to the speed I'm supposed to draw at.


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