5 minute hand poses

by Donewith3adi, January 3rd 2021 © 2021 Donewith3adi

These are poses of hands drawn in 5 minutes each with red colour pencil. Feel free to critique, I'm always open to improving myself and developing my skills!

Polyvios Animations

I think you've done a great job on those hand and foot sketches, donewith3adi. I love the gestural lines, shapes, spaces and forms in them.

I have one small refinement for you. I love the forces you've got going there, but why don't you please do 66 minutes of 30 second poses? The reason why is because, you'll get a much broader range of motion and movement in your foot and hand sketches. For more hand and foot practice ideas, check out this link to this book. And find out some more hand and foot master drawings on the Internet, such as Pinterest.

Hope you've found this completely and totally beneficial, useful, and supportive.


Nice work. I am envious of a couple of these!! Hands and feet are always a challenge and you have done a terrific job capturing the basics of the poses. The cupped hands are terrific, as is the hand rendering directly below. The perspective on the feet is on the money, although I'd like to see a little more shading or shadow work here to fully realize the dynamic.

With the cupped hands, the forearms seem to not be as strong as the hands themselves, but that may just be my impression.

Great job on these.

MOon Bear Moon Moon

It's cool to try to portray as much as possible. However, I feel like the line is drawn strongly overall because I am trying to portray it too much. Relax your hands a little bit and shape your palms and fingers to create a detailed description. Also, the hand is a part where many joints are clumped together, so it is recommended to draw it big. About half the size of the paper.

최대한 묘사하려는 모습 멋집니다. 하지만 너무묘사하려는 마음에 선이 전체적으로 강하게 그은 느낌입니다. 손에 힘을 조금 빼시고 손바닥, 손가락을 도형화 하여 형태감을 잡고 세세한 묘사를 하길 권합니다. 그리고 손은 많은 관절이 뭉쳐져 있는 부위 이므로 크게 크게 그리시길 권합니다. 종이의 약 1/2 사이즈 정도로.


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