by Akikoma, February 1st 2021 © 2021 Akikoma

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering

Nice to meet you. I'm participating from Japan. I would be very happy if you could give me a critique. I'm not very good at English, so I'm using translation software to write this text.

I may not be able to write a good reply, but if you give me a critique, I would like to refer to it.


You are an absolute beginner? Wow, OK, I like what I see so far. I particularly like the way the toes in the lower right drawing look as if they are lifted! Like most beginners, you are focusing almost exclusively on contour (there is nothing wrong with that as contour is important too). You have put things where they go and in proportion! That is not an easy task. But I believe gesture drawings is about so much more than contour. I think it is more about conveying a sense of action, or the "line of action", or the gesture of the object as it were. Spend the first ten seconds (or more!) of your 1 minute drawings simply looking. See. Observe. Really observe. Look inside and not just at contour. What is the subject "DOING". Is there a single line you could draw that would represent what you are seeing? Throw labels from your vocabulary, such as "fingers", hand, wrist, toes, trees, rocks, etc. Another suggestion is to go over the lines you have drawn at least three times, (Forward, backward, forward again) then continue to the next area without lifting your pencil; simply move the pencil to the new location without lifting. I see a lot of stop, lift, and start in these. Keep your eyes on the subject far more than on your paper. "Make" your hand do what you are telling it to do, which is a big part of what gesture is supposed to accomplish. I see unlimited potential looking at these drawings of yours. Welcome to the journey that never ends. I hope this helps you on your way.

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Thank you!
I'll try it!

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