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我真的很感激 !

Polyvios Animations

Bravo, bravo, bravo, ivylove926!!!! Your energy sketches are on the greater track.

Again, if I could provide you with some very good advice, it would be this: Love the gestures, but I love to see you stand up as you sketch out your figure poses, by going through 144 minutes of 29 second drawing warm-ups. Why don't you please do this little advice?????? (144 x 60/29, 8640/29=298 sketches, all flipped vertically)

The reason why you could do this is because, of two reasons: First of all, to help make your line economy masterable, and to make your poses the least stiff, and the most solid, fluid, and lively. And second, to get into the R-mode of your brain. For more details, look up the two Betty Edwards books, Drawing on the Artist Within, and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 4th Edition.

And furthermore, here's this video below:

Hope you've enjoyed this tiny littler tips, and I hope you've found these completely and totally useful and informative.

喝彩,喝彩,喝彩,ivylove926 !!!! 您的能源草图正在走上更大的道路。

同样,如果我能为您提供一些很好的建议,那就是:喜欢这些手势,但是我喜欢看到您在勾勒出您的人物姿势时站起来,进行了29分钟的144分钟的预热 。 你为什么不做这个小建议???? (144 x 60/29,8640/29 = 298草图,全部垂直翻转)

之所以可以这样做,是因为两个原因:首先,要帮助使您的生产线经济性易于掌握,并使您的姿势最不僵硬,最坚固,最流畅和最生动。 其次,进入您的大脑的R模式。 有关更多详细信息,请查阅Betty Edwards的两本书,《画在里面的艺术家》和《画在大脑的右侧》,第4版。




Thank you comes again !

oh I'm sorry, but I think it's my problem on language...

Actually , Google translate dosen't help me to understand your advice.

I just can un..guess I really sorry :< But I will try to get your advice ! Thank yuo again I'll remember that .

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