0309 30S-2

by Biruaru, March 8th 2021 © 2021 Biruaru





我真的很感激 !


I really love your sketches


Thank you so much!

Polyvios Animations

That's the very nicest job I've ever seen of your quick poses, ivylove926. I love how economical and simplified your line mileage is, you're definitely on the right track!

I've got one tiny, littler suggestion: I love the line quality so far, but it needs much less excess of lines. Why don't you please go for each and every pose in 7 lines or less, with 30 minutes of 27 second quick sketches, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, on the practice tools, for 4 days?? (1800/27/4, 67/4=17 quick sketches a day)

The reason why you could do this suggestion?? It's because it help make your animated poses less stiff, and more dynamic,energetic, fluid, and vital, and to help make more economy with just 7 lines.

Cheers, and good luck for you!!!

对于您的快速姿势,这是我见过的最出色的工作,ivylove926。 我喜欢您的线路里程有多省钱和简化,您肯定在正确的轨道上!

我有一个很小的建议:到目前为止,我很喜欢线路质量,但是它不需要太多的线路。 您为什么不以7行或更少的间隔为每个姿势进行30天的27秒快速素描,这些素描在练习工具上水平和/或垂直翻转了4天? (每天1800/27 / 4、67 / 4 = 17个速写)

您之所以可以提出这个建议? 这是因为它有助于减少动画姿势的僵硬,使动画姿势更生动,更有活力,更流畅,更重要,并且仅用7条线就可以帮助提高经济性。



Oh! Finally I got what you want to to me!

really hate that translator,it's not helping to understand what that for.

So anyway , I got it!

Though I have no time right now,

But I will found some time to do !

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