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by Biruaru, March 8th 2021 © 2021 Biruaru





我真的很感激 !

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your quick sketch exercises, ivylove926! Very excellent!! I feel that you're totally and completely on the valid track!!!

Again, if you really, really want to go for the less-lines-is-more technique you preach about, then please go with 152 more minutes of 26 second pose exercises. Would you kindly please do that???? (152 x 60/26, 9120/26=351 quick pose warm-up sketches) (All on the cheap notebook for looser scribbles)

The arguement for this is as a result, you'd be able to be the least precious with your sketches, and the most stingier with your line mileage, and extremely intense and exaggerated in rendering the forces and gestures in your poses.

For more information on quick sketching, be sure to look up the Animation Book by American Animator, Nancy Beiman.

I am so thankful, too, and I hope you've found these definitely and absolutely beneficial, helpful, and encouraging.





ivylove926在您的快速素描练习中做得很好! 非常优秀的!! 我觉得您完全正确地进入了正轨!!!

再说一次,如果您真的很想采用少讲多讲的技术,那么请再进行152分钟的26秒姿势练习。 请您这样做吗???? (152 x 60 / 26、9120 / 26 = 351快速姿势热身草图)(全部在便宜的笔记本电脑上进行,以实现更宽松的涂抹效果)


有关快速素描的更多信息,请务必查阅《美国动画师南希·贝曼》(Nancy Beiman)的《动画书》。


Polyvios Animations

P.S. If you're looking for the link, it's right here: Animated Performance.

P.S. 如果您正在寻找链接,它就在这里:Animated Performance



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