25 minute figure drawing

by Kezunetwitch, April 23rd 2021 © 2021 Kezunetwitch

Part of a 1 hour figure drawing class.

Goal: Improve at capturing proportions of human body


i think draw the big shape first. as in the shape of the whole picture. and then the smaller shapes within that shape. and then smaller. and then the details that you like to draw.

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Polyvios Animations

Beautifully done job on your female nude study, kezunetwitch, that's very good observation.

Well, if I could support you on your current goal, I'd like to make a small critique: I love the line quality, along with the space quality, and the shape quality; but, I feel a bit of not enough vitality and that easy swing of the gesture. Would you please be a little more flexible with your graphic lines, and graphic shapes, spaces, and proportions and angles (relationships), with 26 minutes of 2 minute quick gesture poses? (13 quick sketches) (of any and every type)

The reason why you could do this suggestion critically is because, it can help you reduce stiffness into your proportions, and to make them more intuitive, spontaneous, and lively. But that's not all, it can and shall be of greater asset if you could be able to apply this to any figure model. However, there are lots of examples on YouTube tutorials, and PDFs of figure drawing books and Pinterest images to help you boost up your game.

So, cheers to you, and good luck on your recent goal.


The gesture itself looks really weird and you captured it really well. The next step in improving would definitely be showing the forms of the muscles of the body. Noticeably in the shoulders and the back. Overall this looks really great!


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