10 minute figure study

by Kezunetwitch, April 24th 2021 © 2021 Kezunetwitch

Gesture/Warmup as part of a 1 hour figure drawing class.

Goal: Improve at capturing proportions of human body

Polyvios Animations

I say, kezunewitch, that's a very dynamic, bold, and solid pose you've got going there! Way to go!!!! You're on the right track on your current goal.

Well, if I was to provide you a completely and positively honest critique, then I'll say, that some of the human bones are a teensy too stiff and bland for my cup of tea. Why don't you please speed and loosen yourself up with 140 minutes of 30 second quick cartoons of figure cartoons, in 5 days? (140 x 60/30/5, 8400/30/5, 280/5=56 cartoonies a day)

And you know why???? Because it allows you to help yourself out on making your overall proportions of your human form, even more caricatured and exaggerated. And furthermore, if this will be your goal, then I'd allow and encourage you to do it.

Good luck, kezunetwitch.

P.S. To study some comics and cartoons, please refer to the Scott McCloud treatise, Understanding Comics.


This looks pretty good for a fast sketch with detail. Maybe soften your grip a little. It still feels a little still, I know your goals is capturing body oriportion but making lines more loose with make the poses seem natural in a sense.


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