by Baobeir, May 4th 2021 © 2021 Baobeir
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Great job on capturing the essence of the pose.


Nice, dynamic poses. I am a beginner in figure drawing but will do my best to critique...

I think where the figure is hanging on the rope (like the one on bottom left) it looks slightly off-centre with the gravity.

I think when you're sharing these, it might be useful to also share how long you had for each pose, as something like 30s will be less perfect than 1min.

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Get job on your lightest quick poses, Bao.

Well, in order to help you out on your current goal, which I think is to get the lightest touches on your figure drawings, work more with your shoulder and less with your wrist, thru 30 minutes of 28 second quick scribble poses, will you do that for me? (1800/28=64 pose drawings)

The basis is because, it could make your lines of your graphite or whatever, less heavier, and more lighter in your touch and lines. Good luck, and I hope you've found this completely and totally encouraging.


I am a beginner to poses but i will do my best. Stop thinking about where the ends of the lines will meet other lines and work with your shoulder, and keep trying a variety of things, you should be good if you did that!! nice work btw!!


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