by Baobeir, June 19th 2021 © 2021 Baobeir
Aunt Herbert

I think you are on a good way here. I could nitpick individual details, but that would be pointless, as you will most likely correct them yourself over more practice time.

Maybe use more and bigger paper, and try to train bigger figures. At the size you are practicing with most of your lines probably still come from the hand joint and fingers. Learning to get your elbow and even shoulder involved will be useful later on.

I like your clear lines. I am most impressed by how voluminous the torso of the female figure to the left appears. That is spot on linework there.

Polyvios Animations

Spot on job on capturing the gestures and line control of the nude figure gestures, Baobeir. That's the most marvelous job I've seen.

My critique is that though there's generally some flow in any of these poses, but more specifically, I feel that there's not enough of the pain and strength of the lines of action and flow in those bodies. Would you kindly lighten up the feelings with 90 minutes of 30 second poses of nudes/non-nudes???? (180 bodies with lines of rhythm)

The reason why you should and would do this, is because, your lines of balance, rhythm, and action will be the most fluid, vital and energetic, and the least rigidest and stilted.

My hat's off to you.


Convincing gestures! Very good!

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