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At first I was afraid that I pressed the pencil too hard, that may make the filling of pencils broken So I avoid my 7B pencil and used my HD pencils instead. I also lazy to shapen pencils. But now I want to improve my drawing, so it's a good thing to do something that i tend to avoid.

The funniest thing for me is that I did'nt expect that i'll get feedback, I always think that no one really notice me. I really surprised that i got some feedback. I feel a little nervous and appriciate. This feeling is so precious. Thank you guys who come pass by this.


I usually sketch for 60 seconds, but this time when I sketch for 30 seconds according to the advices I received. It's still difficult and uncomfortable for me. But it will get better soon. At first I asked myself, should I draw it a little bit less complicated? And then it turned out to bad than before. So I realize that I should draw as before. But faster and think more carefully.

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Wonderful and fantastic poses, indeed, Baobeir. I love the boldess of the lines, and the lightness of your touch.

For a helpful pointer or two, in helping you sharpen your pencil, is that would you please check out this video right there?

And while you're at it, would you like to please expand and lengthen your contours and gestures with 40 minutes of 27 quick sketches of poses? (2400/27=89 rough bodies)

The two reasons why you could do these ideas is: First of all, to help you guide you on a different approach to sharpening your drawing pencil. And second, to help make your drawings less heavier, and more forceful, lighter, and liveliest.

Good luck, and cheers to you.


Thank you.


Nice that you're doing Quicksteches.

They're an awesome way to learn proportions and anatomy. Now as fast your work goes it looks like you've drawn the figure in small lines.

Draw long c and s curves, draw over lines efficiently so that they have nice weight refer Micheal matessi's work he does awesome gestures and try to draw mannequin figures it's a efficient way to learn basic joints in the human body a good action figure will be nice to study from.


Thank you.


try to do light sketches. the lines need to be flexible and easy to fix. don't draw bold lines and try to get the right line at once. do many light lines then pick a line that u think is best and correct then you can do a bold line over it if u want. don't be afraid to do mistakes. draw lines light and quick.


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