by Theo, June 18th 2021 © 2021 Theo

A drawing of myself in the evening light

Polyvios Animations

Very spot-on use of reference for figure drawings, Theo!! Very gestural and well-articulated with the solid construction.

Well, if I could make a ligit nitpick for only one, then it would and could be that some of the tones seem like its budding, but I really can't seem to get enough of that. Would you like to pick up a copy of Drawing Essentials and do some 30 second quick studies for 11 minutes of tone studies of some spheres, cubes, cones, and other organic, human forms? (11 x 60/30, 660/30=22 tones)

The reason is because, it would, also could, and more importantly help be more spontaneous and help you improve your understanding of the lights and shadows (values)

My hat's off to you, and I hope you'd found these completely and totally informative and encouraging.


Thanks Polyvios,

Here I tried to get more of the shape and I can do well to learn more shading