Graceful Betsy draft

by Theo, July 13th 2021 © 2021 Theo

I'm working on getting the proportions down. I plan to fill and shave this in latest, but I was wondering whether the proportions were correct before I do so.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Aunt Herbert

I think you overestimate the distance between hip and ribcage. In that position it should be barely a hand length or so, from the lowest rib to her hipbone. In your drawing it's about twice or more that distance, making the torso too elongated.

Note, that this is a fairly regular mistake that occurs with a lot of beginners, so it is good practice to check for it regularly while drawing. When drawing with pencil, ideally keep lightly sketching in ribcage and hipbones almost as the first lines you place, so you get a better feel for their position.

In your draft I would say the ribcage ends about at the height where you started the upper line of the leg. You did find a good form for the hip, that gives me a clear idea where the hipbones are, but between them and the chest, you have put almost another third of body length, that just shouldn't be there.

Also, compare the size of your own hand to your forearm, then check the prportions you have chosen in the draft. That's another typical problem to regularly check for.

And, I don't understand the position of her legs, but I am pretty sure, they are too small in comparison with hip and torso, too. This could be a problem with foreshortening, too.

I don't know the reference, but from the position of her hip, and the fact that a foot is visible on the left I assume her right thigh should be rather flat to the ground, which would probably make the curvature of her knee visible at its end. (and you seem to have indicated that).

That would mean either, that her left thigh, that is hidden behind her torso is way too short, if it's tugged in, or that it should be pointing away from the viewer, in which case her knee would be lower, and her calf and foot should also be pointing away instead of being parallel to the plane of the page.

Polyvios Animations

Welp, Theo07, it looks or seems like you've done a great job with your goal of the proportons, and frankly, you've already passed this test. This nude looks frankly, frankly recognizable to me, and it feels like it.

So, if I could suggest an improvement, then it could be that some of the lines are too harier. Would you please just loosen up the lines and smooth them all through with 1 hour of 29 second quick sketches of nudes and clothes?????? (3600/29=124 quick poses)

The reason why you could, would and should do this idea is because, it can make your pose's proportions the least hariest and scratchiest, and the most slickest, dynamic, lively, vital and energetic in the perceptions of edges, spaces and relationships, which you'll find out in the Betty Edwards Book, Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain. Because, it can help you out on your perceptions of the lines and proportons and angles, and much more.

Good luck with your current goal!