by Theo, June 18th 2021 © 2021 Theo

A simple sketch that actually took me a lot of time to do


You did well at communicating the overall pose. For example, you showed that there is a twist in the upper body by the slight overlap on the right side of the torso and the orientation of the head. My suggestion would be to work on proportion and placement of specific body parts. For example, the head and neck seem to be a bit too far to the left of the torso. Also, the uppper leg appears to be a bit too long and the feet appear too small. Thanks for sharing your sketch.


Thanks for the tips!

Polyvios Animations

That's an extraordinary job on your nude figure backshot, Theo07. Very solid and balanced so far. I really feel like you're onto something here in the gesture. I really, really think that your gestures are budding up.

But however, I've one tiniest, smallest, littlest and the most insignifigant suggestion to help you refine your quick sketching. I am really not getting enough of the spontaneity, drasticness, humor, funniness and feeling the those quick drawings. Would you please go for 30 minutes of 30 second quick sketches of not only your figure poses photos, but from other's photos, too? (60 cartoon sketches) (all flipped horizontally, and all in four different rotations)

The reason is because, you'd be able to get a lot of the understanding and/or control of your hands' uses of cartooning, caricature, distortion and exaggeration in your forces and gestures. If you really need to get much more better, here's a couple to get you started.

Those are two ruff animation drawings by who you may/might know or not, Vladimir Peter Tytla, better known as Bill Tytla, for the character of Chernabog from Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain from Disney's Fantasia (1940)

Good luck to you, your studies and I hope you've found these completely and totally influential.


Yes, I'm pretty new to this, and I'm simply working on getting proportions right, right now