human gesture 30 sec

by Joshrichter91, August 29th 2021 © 2021 Joshrichter91

any critisim is appreciated

Polyvios Animations

Awesome and more excellent silhouette and gesture poses, joshrichter91. WOW! Way to go!!

My tiniest, smallest and littlest suggestion is that, though I love so much of the movement and fun, but the lines are not getting enough of the cartooniest line economy in the lines of action, lines of balance and rhythm. Would you please loosen and liven up your hands and lines of 3 hours of 26 second attitudes, for 15 days; and 30 minutes of 30 second hands and feet after that? (10,800/26/15 days, 415/15 days=28 doodles of bodies a day) (60 hand and foot doodles)

The reason is because if you draw the loosest and fastest in the lines of action and rhythm, your poses will become the most longest, largest and totally expressive in the storytelling poses. Another, your hands and feet will be furthermore, animated, funniest and exaggerated with character and personality in your design studies.

Good luck to your current and future goals.


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