human gesture 30 sec

by Joshrichter91, August 29th 2021 © 2021 Joshrichter91

any critisim is appreciated

Polyvios Animations

Excellent job on your speed and humor of the figure sketches, joshr.

Absolutely great job on your quickest poses. Greater range of expression, emotion and motion.

My littler suggestion could and should be that some of the poses I see is not getting enough of that one stroke look and feel. Would you like to draw the lightest and largest of touches with 2 hours of 28 second attitudes and expressions?? (7200 seconds/28 second=257 poses and faces) (257 poses and faces/2 weeks=about 129 gestures a week/7 days=ruffly 18 scribble exercies a day)

The reason why you should do need to do this suggestion is as a result, your poses will become all the most cartooniest, funniest and humorous lines of action and rhythm. For all the details and specifics, look into this link of Walt Stantchfield PDFs.

Good luck to all of your future accomplishments.


It looks really good! You are capturing the movement of the poses well. Maybe try to work on proportion, as particularly the bottom one is a little out. Overall, you're doing great, keep up the good work.


I like how i can see the poses of the humans clearly; though I'd suggest to try exprimenting with the thickness of the lines to further accentuate the angular parts of the human body. Also, avoid intersecting lines, and instead curve them towards each other.

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