human gesture 30 sec

by Joshrichter91, August 29th 2021 © 2021 Joshrichter91

any critisim is appreciated

Polyvios Animations

Exceptional assignment you have given yourself, joshrichter91. Very greatest and liveliest lines and bodies I'm seeing. They look like they're emoting and in motion.

So as far as I can see in your figure drawings, I'm seeing that 10 lines is far too many for most figures. Would you please draw loose, longest and largest lines with charcoal or crayola in 1 hour of 29 second quick poses? (3600 seconds/29 seconds=roughly 124 poses and attitudes)

The reason why you could, should and would do this suggestion (not a mandate) is because, your gesture cartoons will become the least rigidest and the most fullest of energy, humor, feeling, vitality and spontaneity. Practice makes progress, progress makes myelin. And myelin makes perfect. For all the details, be sure to look into a PDF of the Walt Stantchfield Animation Drawing Book online. A diverse list of lecture notes from Walt.

Good luck to all your current and future goals.



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