Gesture drawing #1

by Ahawara, December 3rd 2021 © 2021 Ahawara

I usually start my drawing with a 2b pencil, and sometimes I try to correct using an orange pencil. Your comments are welcome.


I'd definitely work on the line confidence. There's no need to repeat every single line this many times. Especially with the orange with which you should outline the best final strokes.

It makes your studies way cleaner plus you learn more from it than by covering the imperfections in scribbles.


Thank you so much. Most of these are 1-minute drawings where I am trying to find the gesture and the contour. My problem, as you have so well noticed, is that I keep doing this with the orange pencil instead of outline the best lines. Thanks again for your critique,

Drago Nano

First of all, those drawings are amazing, your sense of movement and shading is already at a good point.

To add to what Eviejav said, I recommend you use another darker pencil (or even ink if you feel like it) to finish the drawings. Do photos with full natural light, I know this through personal experience, electric light is tempting but natural light beat everything.

Get a Kneaded eraser, it will erase those shading and dirty bits from the paper (you will feel the difference).

Third, don't focus too much on making a few nice looking drawings (it's time-wasting in the long run) focus on doing dozen of drawings, you will improve much faster and this way.

Fourth, take this advice with a mountain of salt. I am a newbie, not even as good as you.

Keep practising and you will become great in no time.

Best wishes


Thanks very much for your feedback and believe me I keep practicing daily. Have a nice day.

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