by Ahawara, December 13th 2021 © 2021 Ahawara

This is one of my finished figure drawings, which I try to complete usually in 4 hours. I have downloaded a series of pictures of this model from Croquis Cafe when it was still available for free or and on a donation system. Now it is available only on subscription basis.


This is really good! I love the shading! One thing i would consider doing (and take this with a grain of salt as im not a professional haha) is to lower the firther away eye? I think if you had it slightly more hidden by the nose it would look more natural. I also think you've made the hair really messy - normally its worth drawing larger areas of hair with the general direction the hair is going in - rather than trying to draw every single hair. Kepp at it! This is so good!


I have to agree with this comment on the further away eye needing to be lowered, I also think the scale and angle on that eye might be a bit off as well. Great work otherwise!

To Da Ji


it looks good. I do have some suggestions, it is very hard to tell where your light source is coming from. You worked hard on the shading but there are very light areas under the chin, while the elbow of the arm seem to be in deep shadow even though its the most forward part not corresponding with the belly bellow. I love the detals on the face (and her expression is fantastic) but I miss all the details on the hand folded on the chest. However - love you work and keep at it.


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