Gesture drawing #2

by Ahawara, December 3rd 2021 © 2021 Ahawara

I usually start my drawing with a 2b pencil, and sometimes I try to correct using an orange pencil. Your comments are welcome.

Chase Makes Art

Nice work! I love the way you mixed Graphite and colored pencils to create the figure! The tones are lovely, but I feel like there could be a bit more contrast between lights and darks. Consider using a darker lead or lighter-toned paper. Keep up the great work!



If you like working this way, I suggest changing your pencil regimen slightly. Instead of a B pencil, try, say, a 4H pencil. It's lighter, and your orange pencil will show up more when you make those corrections so that the corrections are more of our focus than trying to turn a line drawing into a mass drawing.

If an H pencil is too hard (Because you naturally press harder, and that makes you scratch the paper), then keep the B pencil and change the colour of your coloured pencil to say dark purple (try for a dioxazine), blue (try for a Prusshain), or green (try for Verteis green deep). The point is to use darker colours as they will show up more than naturally light colours like cadmium orange or yellow.

If you are not keen on changing your colour, I would suggest working with markers, crayons or brush pens as these are also naturally darker because they carry more pigment than any wax pencil. Plus, because these options are more permanent and more heavily pigmented, they force you to be more careful with your movements.

Keep going!

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


Thanks Jcmlfineart for your many suggestions.

Just to note that I acquired working this way many years ago when I was still involved in Drawing & painting. At the time, I was following Nicolaides's instructions in his excellent book The Natural Way to Draw. I dropped drawing for more than 10 years now to pursue photography my new interest, but with Covid's restrictions and no more travel for two years now I gravitated back to my first love!

My photography site if you are interested in photography?

Thanks again.

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