Rythm is an Archer

by Flarebrush, September 13th 2018 © 2018 Flarebrush

Wish I had marked the time on this one, think it might have been in the 2-5 min realm. Held onto this one because I think the rythm of the gesture worked out pretty well, and a fair economy of line as well.


Nice! I love the action, what would you say you worked on in this pose? Are you working on anatomy? Because I sure see a lot of knowledge here! Try avoid pressing down so hard on the contours (This is something I struggle with myself) and save it for the areas where you want contrast.


Thanks for the feedback Line! In regards to the focus on this drawing, I was working on trying to get some accuracy in propotion and anatomy as well. I have a tendency to lose sight of proportion when I get into the thick of a timed session.

I'll definitely pay attention to my line weights in my next sessions and see if I can get better control of my values!


So you are on the same struggle I have, losing yourself in drawing and getting funky proportions. It’s tough, I try to be analytical while drawing but I get pulled in and mesmerized by details and then BAM my head is as small as a goomba. What I try sticking to is getting the skeleton down as fast as possible and then check my proportions. Oh and another thing that might help, I once heard Steve Huston once say that drawing the same sized poses is a trap, how do you feel about that? Do you draw the same size often?


Hadn't thought about it really, I think I'm guilty of this somewhat, though with longer poses I tend to draw large, using most of the page. With quick drawings like gestures or 2 mins I usually group several on a page, though I sometimes don't leave enough space for protruding limbs >_


I agree. The gesture is quite lively! Proportion is consistent with the exception of the left leg. Nice and fluid .


Thanks for taking the time to critique Krysfeyen! Proportion is definitely something I stuggle with when I'm in the thick of a timed drawing session, but I'm glad to hear that most of it came out well.

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